House One

Welcome to House 1!!!  We are your team, so please do not hesitate to reach out.  We are here to help!!

Absence Appeals are now being processed.  Deadline for appeals will be January 19th.  Please call/visit Mrs. Holdsworth or Mrs. Sloper for help! 


Assistant Principal- Mrs. Abbey A. Sloper 432.6941  x 2118 
School Counselor -Mr. Biff Prince (A-Coo) 432.6941 x2018
School Counselor - Ms. Kate Sherwood (Cop-Gar) 432.6941 x 2017
Administrative Assistant- Mrs. Danielle Holdsworth 432.6941 x 2117 


·  Academy of Business and Finance
·  Senior Projects
· Parking student/staff
·  Student Handbook
·  Faculty Handbook
· Safety Committee (Fire drills/Lockdowns)
· District EOP 
· Internship Site Visits
· Liaison between AHS/MST
· Backpack Program
· Apple Time (Transition between LHS/LMS)
· F Period Lunch Duty
· Plateau Duty
· Life of a Lancer
· Baccalaureate/Graduation
· Drug and Alcohol Contracts
· Wellness/Mental Health Screenings
· Student Management (apx.500)
· Supervision/Evaluation of Teachers & Support Staff
· Admin coverage for after school/evening events
· IEP Meetings, Manifestation
Court & JPPO