Laptop Distribution

Londonderry High School Laptop Distribution

Laptops are provided to students at Londonderry High School for use during the school year at a distribution date to be determined by their building Principal. It is important that all families agree to the district’s technology policies during Registration Verification and pay the $35 insurance fee via K-12 Payment Center prior to the device distribution date (TBD). Londonderry High School students may pick up their Laptop on the distribution date.

In addition, if the device is damaged during the year, the student is responsible for repair costs. Fees will be assessed by the repair technician for lost chargers ($50) and major damages ($50). Device insurance does not cover loss or theft of the device. If the laptop is stolen or loss you will be responsible for the full $500 replacement fee. These fees must be paid via K-12 Payment Center before a new charger is issued or the damaged device is repaired. Please visit the 1 to 1 Insurance page for full costs and coverage details.

K12 Payment Center Instructions:

 The K-12 Payment Center is also used for your student's lunch program.  You do not need to create another account if you already use K-12 for the lunch program. If you do not already have a K-12 account, you will need to set one up, using your student's school ID#. Your student's school ID# can be found in your Aspen Parent Portal.


  1. Access K-12 login through:
  2. Sign-in using your nutrition services account information. If you do not have an account with K-12 Payment Center, you will need to sign up for one.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to school fees under the ‘Parent Functions’ menu. Click the arrow to expand the ‘Available Fees’ option.
  4. Find the appropriate fee for your student and click on the "Add to Cart" button for every fee you are paying.
  5. For parents with more than one child, please make sure that you select the appropriate student’s account that the fee is for.
  6. Once all fees have been added to your cart, click on your shopping cart in the top right and proceed to check out.

Free and Reduced Meals Eligibility Waiver

            Students who are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch may submit the waiver linked below in leu of submitting the $35 insurance free. The waiver permits your eligibility for free and reduced meals to be shared with the Technology Department for the explicit use of the 1 to 1 laptop initiative. The waiver must be received no later than Monday August 23rd.