Laptop Repair & Service

Laptops are provided to students at Londonderry High School for use during the school year at a distribution date to be determined by their building Principal. It is important that all families agree to the district’s technology policies during Registration Verification and pay the $35 insurance fee via K-12 Payment Center prior to the device distribution date.

If the device suffers major damaged during the year, the student is responsible for a $40 deductible for the cost of the first repair. Subsequent damage fees will be assessed by the repair technician and billed in full to the student. Device insurance DOES NOT cover loss or theft of the device. If the laptop is stolen or loss you will be responsible for the full $500 replacement fee. These fees must be paid via K-12 Payment Center before a new charger is issued or the damaged device is repaired.

Technical issues with student laptops not resulting from student damage are covered by the annual $35 insurance fee with no deductable. All service and repairs must be conducted by the Londonderry High School technology staff.

The $35 Insurance Fee will cover your laptop from:
  • Accidental Damage
  • Spills
  • Cracked Screen
  • Fire, Flood, Natural disaster
  • Power surge
  • Technical Failure
  • Manufacture Defects
Device Deductible Costs

Lost charger $50 (students may purchase their own compatible charger)

Damaged screen $40 first incident

Damaged keyboard $40 first incident

Spilled drink on device resulting in damage $40 first incident

Damaged ports (headphone, USB, HDMI etc.) $40 first incident