Honors English 11

Honors English 11

Summer Reading 2022 - 2023

Welcome to your junior year! Your first assignment in Honors English 11 is summer reading. For this year’s summer reading assignment, you will focus on two works of American literature. 

The intent of this assignment is to create an opportunity for you to choose literary works which are of particular interest to you and expand the number of literary works you will encounter. Although there is value in revisiting previously encountered literary works, a re-read of works you have already read is not acceptable. 
Click here for the list of reading choices.


For each book you read, identify a total of ten passages. What kind of passages?

  • Choose 3 – 4 passages that reflect an “American” point of view, dilemma, solution, or attitude
  • Choose 3 – 4 passages that offer a strong personal connection to you as the reader – something that moves you, angers you, or intrigues you.
  • Choose 3 – 4 passages that reveal the writer’s craft - such as strong or remarkable word choice, imagery, or tone.

Following each passage, briefly indicate your reason(s) for selecting it. Organize and type up your information in the manner indicated in the sample below.. Create a separate file/document for each of your summer reading books. 

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Honors English 11

July 20, 2022

Summer Reading - Book # 1

Novel/Work:  The Opposite of Fate

Author: Amy Tan

Passage # 1: “I am no longer governed by fate and fear. I have hope and, with that, a determination to change what is not right” (Tan 398).

Reason for selecting passage:  I chose this passage for several reasons. I like the way Tan expresses resolution – in the story and in herself. I also like how this demonstrates an attitude that, to me, is very American. She sees herself as in control of her life and able to effect change when needed. 

Note the brevity of each response to a passage in the sample above. This assignment is only the first step. It is not the end product. The purpose of writing down the passages and your responses is to “hold your thinking” about your summer reading selections until the 2022-2023 academic year begins. 

Lastly, this assignment must be ready for digital submission at the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. On that first day, your teacher will explain how/where to formally submit your summer reading assignment. You will then use this work to engage in an interesting, enlightening and intellectually challenging activity created by your teacher. 

Enjoy your summer and enjoy your reading! 

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What to do if you have concerns related to this assignment…  

If you have concerns related to this assignment, contact your teacher or Dr. Lindley-Soucy, Curriculum Coordinator, via email [email protected] or phone 432-6941 ext. 2014 before the start of the 2022-2023 academic year.