LHS Hall of Fame

The Londonderry High School Hall of Fame
is now accepting Nominations. 

The Londonderry High School Hall of Fame wishes to recognize outstanding individuals that have attended or have been involved with and made exceptional contributions to Londonderry High School community. 

2021/22 Nomination Form Links-

Staff Nomination Form- 
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Student Nomination Form- Click Here

School Contributor- Click Here

Please complete this form to the best of your ability. The committee cannot make accurate decisions if information is missing.  All portions of the nomination form must be completed.

Please also note- It is not the committee’s responsibility to gather information referenced but not confirmed on this nomination form. The committee will make its decision based on solely on the information provided. The more information provided the more informed the committee is.

Once nominations are received, they will be brought forth to the Hall of Fame Committee. Each nomination will be discussed and appropriate references will be contacted. The process will take just over one month to complete. Recipients will receive notice of their acceptance into the Hall of Fame via phone call from the committee chairperson. Should a nominee not be selected in the current year submissions, the applicant/application will remain in the pool of candidates for future consideration.

Questions for the committee can be directed to Crystal Rich- [email protected]

This concludes the application process.

The Londonderry High School Hall of Fame Committee would like to thank you for taking the time to nominate this person.

Once a Lancer, Always A Lancer



The LHS Hall of Fame was originally started by Mr. Edward Thibodeau in 1986. However, interest in this annual hall of fame ceremony faded upon his retirement. Current members of the LHS Hall of Fame, representing the years 1986-1996, are listed below.

Our mission is to revive the Londonderry High School Hall of Fame, and give those who did not have a chance to be inducted over the past twenty years, and those who may impact the community in the future, the opportunity to create a legacy and be thanked for their lasting impact on the community of Londonderry. 

Selection Committee- 

Will Include:
    Advisor to the Athletic Leadership Council
    Minimum of one Administrator from Londonderry High School
    Minimum of one community member
    Two current Londonderry High School students
    Two Athletic Leadership Council Members
    One Londonderry High School Alumni

Members will be chosen by:

Application Process and form that will be submitted and then reviewed by the Athletic Leadership council

Members are allowed to hold position year after year as long as they apply and are elected on an annual basis

The committee will have a self-elected Chairperson and Secretary and meet as often as they deem necessary

Committee members will be notified via phone call by a Londonderry High School Administrator

Nomination and Acceptance into HOF-
Students, community members and staff (past or present) may nominate students, community members and staff (past or present) through an application which will be presented to the Selection Committee by a designated deadline.

Nominees must currently be out of high school for five years before they can be nominated 

Election into the Hall of Fame-

Made by the consensus of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. There is no set limit on the number of candidates elected into the Hall of Fame.
If an application is not selected, it will remain in the pool of possible candidates for future consideration.

Class of 2019 Inductees

Zach Bencal- Class of 2009

Dana Boyle-Class of 2010

Cliff Chulada – Class of 1980

Sherry Farrell- Community Member

Jerry Gulezian- Community Member

Steven Sullivan- Student- Class of 2003

Katie Lannan- Class of 2008

Kim Lindley-Soucy- Faculty

Courtney MacLaren-  Class of 2001

Anne MacLean- Faculty

Charlie Wilton- Staff

Class of 2018 Inductees
Amy DeCamp Gosztyla- Class of 1997          
Stephen Tallo- Faculty                          
Matthew Young - Class of 2003                      
Ethan Doherty- Class of 2013                         
KeriAnn Lynch Unger - Class of 200          
Chuck Zappala -Administration
Jim Elefante -Administration
Scott Fawcett- Class of 1991
Bob Stuart -Community Member
John Vaughn-Faculty
Amity Ferraro Small- Faculty
Heather Tuden Lennon- Student/ Coach             

Class of  2017 Inductees 

Jon McMahon-Class of 2007
Rebecca Parascandola-Class of 2010
Nick DeFrancesco-Class of 2011
Ryan Griffin-Class of 2008
Nathan Greenberg-Retired Superintendent of Schools
William O’Connor-Community member
Mary DeWinkeleer-Faculty 
Jason Parent-Principal 
Crystal Rich-Faculty

Wayne MacDougall-retired Faculty/Current Coach

Class of 2016 Inductees:

Mike Beeman
Stefanie Murphy
Arthur Tsetsilas
Matt Charette
Suzanne Johnson
Peter Willis
Paul Dutton
Michelle Hart-Miller
Katie Sullivan
Sean Delisle
Dr. Stephen Guerra
Robert Ross
Edward Burgess
Christopher Gingrow

Former Inductees

1986 Inductees
Carroll Boyle 
Edward Boyle
Anne DeFrancesco
Barbara Edmond
Brian J. Foley
Donald P. Foley
Shelly Gagnon 
Daniel Godin

David Hartsock
Beth Haussler
Amy Hudson
Katherine Hudson
Kevin Jankowski
Thomas Kendzulak, Sr. 
Daniel Kiestlinger
Fred Kimes
David Lecaroz
Robert Lincoln
Lawrence Martin
Richard Nagy
William Newcomb
Fred Ordway
Ferne Schmidtchen
Andrew Soucy 

David Sousa
James H. Steenson, Jr.
Robert Steenson
Charles Stortson 
Karen Talbot
Edmond Thibodeau
Christina Todaro
Kelly Ann Williams

1987 Inductees 
Susan Ballard
Scott Belanger
Lori Bender

Renee Bender
Richard Cardner
Doris Click
Kathy Clippinger
Linda Cummings
Jessica Forbus
William Griffin
Gary Gustavson
Deborah Innacone
Joel Jenne
Davide Johnson
Joan Kendzulak
Elaine Kennedy 
Nathan Kronenfeld
Lisa Lafond
Andrew C. Mack
Angela White Maltzie
Karen Matuszewski
Nancy Meyers

Christine Milioto
Wendy Molander 
Arthur J. Ouilette, Jr. 
Famie Parker 
Shari O'Brien Pouliot
Flora Sapsin
Thomas Sawyer
James St. Louis
Kirk Streitmater
Diana Todaro 
Susan Trammell
Tricia Williams

1988 Inductees
Margaret Agati
Richard Amarosa
Paul Bonneville
Paul David Boutin
Mary Lu Chamberlain 
Michael Currier
Anthony DeFrancesco
William Farquhar
Kathleen Foley 
Sean Foley 
Deborah Goatee
Patrick Hopkins
Steven Juster
Philip Martin 
Pam Molander
Helen Ogden 
Michael Paquin 
Lisa Pearson 
Ken Pfabe
Kenneth Schmidtchen
Scott Edward Schuler
Robert Sitro 
Dayna Sonovick
Owen Walton 

1989 Inductees 
Margaret Forbush 
Alan Halpern 
Suzanne L Hock 
Bruce Joyce
Amanda Molina
Margaret Schafer
Arthur T. Psaledas

 1990 Inductees

Edward Ball 
Kathleen Blay 
Crystal Brunelli
Thomas Ciccarello
Lois Dziergowski
Lawrence Gingrow Jr.
Lawrence Gingrow III
Ronald Hartsock
Kristina Goumas
Monique Hawkins
Carol Hiller 
Andrew Maloney 
Carol Mastacouris
Geraldine Ollila
Theresa Ollila

Leslie Read
Kathleen Wicker

1992 Inductees 
Seth Baldwin 
Theresa Bristol
James Cassotis 
Louis Demalo
William Donroe
Daniel Dudley
Anthony Hanna
Cheri Isenbarger
Eric Isenbarger
George Jackman
Thomas Kendzulak Jr.
Walter Mikowslki 
Alan Sucke
Thomas Wicker
Tod Wicker

1993 Inductees
Anne Bartlett
James M. DeDeus
James S. DeDeus
Aaron DeMaio
Rodney W. Forrest 
Kelly Giguere
Stephen Guerra
Shelly Malone
Austin Socci
Thomas M. Spine 
Keith Whalen

1994 Inductees 
John Dalrymple
Diedre Farr
Jefferey Guertin 
Kelly Hunt
Patricia Kennelly
Joan Laurenti
Douglas Mailman 
Patricia Miller
Robert Napolitano

Mark Turnbull

1995 Inductees
Glenda Taylor
Laurel Bookman
Maureen Chamberlain
Jaent Giddings
Elizabeth Juster
Helena Kimball 
Ronald Luiz
John Mortimer
Angela Perkins
Kevin Smith 
Heidi Brooks

1996 Inductees

Christelle Bruneau
Serena Cameron
Debbie Grondin 
Jonathan Gustavson 
Elaine MacDougall
William Manning
Steve Schirmer
Dan Wood