House Four

Ms. Katie Sullivan
Assistant Principal
504 Building Coordinator
432-6941 x2527

 House Four Staff:
Office Assistant Cathy Brown  ( x2526)
School Counselor (Mop-San)  Valerie Nelson (x2129)
School Counselor (Sao- Z) Amy Chase (x2525)


"Once A Lancer Always A Lancer"



Ms. Sullivan's Responsibilities: 

School Building.png

504 Building Coordinator
Hooksett Liaison
​School Pictures
Admin Liaison to the LHS yearbook
​Supervision of the School Store
​Tours of the Facility
​Communication Liaison (Twitter/Press/Board)
​Discipline Report
Freshman Orientation
Step Up Day
Pay It Forward
Bowling Club Advisor
Bike Club Advisor
Senior TailGator Advisor
Mascot General Manager
Little Lancer Day
​Student Management
​Life of a Lancer
​Drug/Alcohol Behavior Plans
​Wellness Screening
​Manage House Office
​Teacher/Student of the Month
​Supervision/Evaluation of Teachers
​Admin coverage for after school events
​IEP, 504, Manifestation meetings
​Court and JPPO meetings
​Parent / Teacher conferences & contacts
D Period Lunch Duty
Main Lot Duty