Maureen O’Dea
Director Of School Counseling

(603) 432-6941 ext. 2110

Fax: (603) 425-1045
CEEB: 300347

The guidance and counseling program is comprehensive in nature, reflecting standards established by the American School Counselors Association. Components of this program include classroom guidance, individual planning sessions, particularly regarding career and educational plans, and responsive services such as dealing with personal situations on a short-term basis, and assisting with referrals to other professionals. While students are assigned to counselors by name, their participation in the structured classroom and group experiences ensures exposure to each member of the guidance team. Transcript requests are processed in the main guidance office, and individual appointments may be made in the house offices.


William Prince

House 1 - A-Coo         x2018           

House 1 - Cop-Gar        x2017

William Mitchell  
 House 2  - Gas-Kn          x2224

Linda Ryan
House 3  - Ko-Moo        x2223

Valerie Nelson

House 4  - Mop-San        x2129

House 4 - Sao-Z                x2523

Katie Clark
School to Community Counselor      x2600

Laura Frost

Main Guidance  Secretary       x2106

Kerin Brown
Main Guidance  Secretary          x2016