Alternative Education

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Adult Education Classes


LHS offers Adult Education courses on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons/evenings during first and second semesters. This a tuition program designed to assist students who need additional credits to graduate. Students participating in this program will be on one of two academic paths toward a high school diploma. Those who wish to earn the 24 credit LHS diploma may take night classes and apply those grades/credits to that diploma. Each semester class is worth .5 credits for those looking to attain the 24 credit diploma. Students who seek a 20 credit Adult Education diploma, in consult with their parents, would withdraw from day school and transfer into the Adult Education program. These individuals will be night school students who apply previous credits earned toward this diploma. Once a student makes a commitment to the Adult Education diploma, he/she must continue to pursue the 20 credits and cannot transfer back to pursue the 24 credit diploma. Each semester class successfully completed will be worth 1.0 credit. Students/parents from Londonderry and surrounding towns will meet with the Director of Alternative Education  and their Guidance Counselors to map out an academic course of action. Students and their parents will be contacted to discuss options for the upcoming semester. There will be a fee of $150 per course for Londonderry residents and $250 per course for out of town residents. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Crystal Rich, Program Director/Assistant Principal, at (603) 432-6941 x2130 or use the contact form.

HiSet Testing (formerly the GED)

The HiSet testing center at Londonderry High School is open during the school year and summer for test administration. Any individual  interested in attaining their high school equivalency certificate should contact Crystal Rich, Program Director/Assistant Principal, at (603) 432-6941 x2130.  Tests cost $25 per section or $125 for the full battery of tests. Students may take an official practice test of the full battery of sections for $20.

Adult Education Staff

Crystal Rich - Director of Alternative Education 
[email protected] 

Rebecca Mitchell- Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Kaitlin Burkhardt-School Counselor
[email protected]

Brittany Borgatti- Teacher
Tom Ciccarello- Teacher
Amy Cohen- Teacher
Lori Jabar- Teacher
Mary Shank- Teacher
Matt Smith- Teacher
Terri Rocheleau- Teacher
Kristin Radford-Teacher
Jacklyn Hoffman- Teacher

Ryan Barry - Lift Program 
Kelly Gibson- Lift Program

Scott Sicard- Distance Learning Coordinator