House One

House 1 Staff

Welcome back!!!  We hope you had an amazing summer!   We are your team, so please do not hesitate to reach out.  We are here to help!!

**Seniors remember to complete and turn in your late arrival and early release forms


Assistant Principal- Mrs. Abbey A. Sloper 432.6941  x 2118 
School Counselor -Mr. Biff Prince (A-Coo) 432.6941 x2018
School Counselor - Ms. Kate Sherwood (Cop-Gar) 432.6941 x 2017
Administrative Assistant- Mrs. Danielle Holdsworth 432.6941 x 2117 


·  Academy of Business and Finance
·  Senior Projects
· Parking student/staff
·  Student Handbook
·  Faculty Handbook
· Safety Committee (Fire drills/Lockdowns)
· District EOP 
· Internship Site Visits
· Liaison between AHS/MST
· Backpack Program
· Apple Time (Transition between LHS/LMS)
· F Period Lunch Duty
· Plateau Duty
· Life of a Lancer
· Baccalaureate/Graduation
· Drug and Alcohol Contracts
· Wellness/Mental Health Screenings
· Student Management (apx.500)
· Supervision/Evaluation of Teachers & Support Staff
· Admin coverage for after school/evening events
· IEP Meetings, Manifestation
Court & JPPO