Sandy Dyche, RN - +1 (603) 432-6941 x2009

Casee Cullen, RN - +1 (603) 432-6941 x2104

The school nurses are responsible for ascertaining the health of the students in school and maintaining appropriate records. Students are urged to discuss any health problems with them. Except in cases of emergency, students must obtain a pass to the nurses' office. Please remember that absences due to a student's presence in the nurses' office are not excused unless that student is exhibiting symptoms of illness (i.e. Fever, Vomiting)

All injuries must be reported to the nurses. First aid treatment will be administered, and parents notified. Periodic vision and hearing test may also be conducted through this office.

Students and parents are requested to inform the nurse of any particular health problems which should be a matter of record. Emergency cards are sent home the first day of school and should be completed and returned promptly.



Medication (Incl. Over the Counter)

Students are not allowed to bring medication to school except after having completed necessary paperwork provided by the school district. All medication brought to school by a student must be deposited with the school nurse. Students in possession of medication outside the nurses' office will be subject to a disciplinary action. Students may carry inhalers and Epi-pens for emergency use with proper documentation from a healthcare provider.

No internal medication may be dispensed or administered to any child or member of the school staff, by school personnel except by the school nurse, or under her supervision and only then upon written order of the physician who has examined and prescribed for a particular person. The school district attorney has indicated that a form provided by the school district should be completed by the parent/guardian and the prescribing physician prior to administering the medication. This form is distributed on the first day of school and to all new restraints or upon request. 


A school approved student accident insurance plan is available to all Londonderry students at the beginning of each school year at a reasonable charge. If a student is enrolled in the program, accidents must be reported to the school burse, who will assist in the completion of the claim forms. Students who participate in the high school interscholastic athletic program are covered by a district policy only for injuries that occur during practice or games. It does not cover the student during classes, school day or between athletic seasons.


In order for a student to attend LHS, he/she must be compliant with the State of NH immunization schedule. The school nurse will notify by letter the parent/guardians of students who are not in compliance. Until documentary proof of acceptable immunization by a physician or health care provider is on record, the student will be conditionally enrolled. If the nurse has not received proof of immunization by the end of the probationary period, the student will be excluded by the principal or designee. Information regarding the current immunization schedule, along with medical and religious exemptions, can be found at or the immunization program can be contacted at (603) 271-4482 or +1 (800) 852-3345.

Physical Exam

In order for a student to attend Londonderry High School, the student must, at the time of registration, have either:

  1. A physical examination form (dated within the last year) including immunizations and dates completed by a physician, OR

  2. The date for a scheduled appointment (within 30 days of registration) including the name and telephone number of the physician. The information will be verified by the school.

NOTE: This applies to all registrations, transfer students and re-entering students