Ms.Burne, M.Ed.

Ms. Burne, M.Ed.

Replacement classes are geared toward the continued development of literacy skills. The curriculum is generated by the student's I.E.P. goals and objectives.

English 10  

Reading for literary experience

Readers explore events, characters, themes, settings, plots, actions and the language of literary works by reading novels, short stories, poems, plays, legends, biographies, myths and folktales.

Reading for Information

Readers gain information to understand the world by reading materials such as magazines, newspapers, textbooks, essays and speeches

Reading to perform a task

Readers apply what they learn from reading materials


Individualized Reading

This class is designed to improve decoding, encoding, fluency, and comprehension.  We will identify gaps in reading skills while applying systematic remediation. 

English 12
This class is designed to offer high school seniors an opportunity to enhance life skills.  This year will be dedicated to evaluating who you are and where you're headed.  We will set goals and manage the steps to achieve them, while developing a plan for the future.

Alternative English
9-12 S.T.E.P.s

Adult Education English
Wednesday nights from 5:45-8:45