Debra Dunn

Special Education Teacher and Case Manager
Best way to reach me is email:
[email protected]

Londonderry High School
ACT Program Room 145B
295 Mammoth Road
Londonderry, NH 03053 

Telephone# 432-6941
Voice Mail Extension # 2718

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Academic and Career Training (ACT)

The ACT Program within Londonderry High School is designed to prepare students for adult living by helping them become as independent as possible. Students participate in CORE academic classes within the program as well as Interactive classes with the general education population.

Students in Mrs Dunn's CORE academic classes focus on the integration of basic academic skills and their functional application, as well as monthly units of study that focus on transitioning into adulthood. The ACT Program classes are self- contained; instruction is individualized; and students work on social, functional, academic, prevocational and daily living skills.  

Interactive classes allow ACT students the opportunity to receive help and assistance from typical peers who may be considering teaching or coaching as a future profession. This year interactive classes include Physical Education, Science, Basic Video Production, and Foods. 

Most students within Mrs Dunn's case management continue their education through their 21st birthday. The focus of academic instruction is practical, meaningful, and hands on. Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves, cooperate with others, display age appropriate behavior, and become involved in the high school community. As students age they practice more and more adult living skills.

Students in Mrs Dunn's math class focus on transitional skills such as reading and comparing prices, counting money, paying the cashier, paying your bills, and budgeting your money. Reading class involves reading current events, menus, order forms, community messages, and filling out a variety of job applications.

In addition, students are encouraged to take Project Work as a course. This course allows students to sign up for particular jobs around the high school building that are typically done by others. For example, ACT students collect all the recycled bottles, count the school store's petty cash, shred paper for the offices, complete clerical projects for the administrative assistants, and care for the Rose Garden with gardening and landscaping chores.

Students of the ACT Program join the Work Opportunities program as they near the last couple years at the high school.  At this time, students are usually ready to apply their work skills outside the high school building and in the surrounding communities. 

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  • In order to benefit from the the work involved in Mrs Dunn's class, it is important that there be communication between parents, students, and teachers. Mrs Dunn uses a daily log as a way to "touch base" daily. Parents are asked to read this log daily and initial that the information was read. Parents are encouraged to share thoughts, concerns, and questions.
  • Students are expected to complete basic independent and brief homework assignments Monday through Thursday.
  • Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner. Students with jobs may lose the privilege of working if they are not behaving in a way that is representative of a Londonderry High School student.
  • Students are expected to participate in the planning, writing, and development of their own Individualized Education Plan.
  • Students are expected to attend their own IEP meeting.