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Please keep me on your contact list for proper communication.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your child's disability or services by email at [email protected]



Study Lab is a graded, .25 credit class that provides support to students with learning needs.  The purpose of study lab is for students to get support for their disability while working on homework, classwork, and/or tests and quizzes.  All work MUST be school related.   Driver's Education material is NOT school related rather than an extra curricular activity.

Grading is based on: Work productivity and behavior.  Rubric available upon request.

We will continue to look at the X2 portal on a weekly basis.  We srongly encourage parents to do the same and dialogue progress with their child.

*************************Mrs. Manni's Schedule *************************

A period- Case Management/ class observations/support

B period- STUDY LAB Room 220

C period- STUDY LAB Room 220

D period- STUDY LAB Room 220

E period- STUDY LAB Room 220

F period- DUTY

G period- LUNCH- can be available by appointment

H period- Case Management/ student support


I am available to support students with tests/quizzes at anytime during the day with prior arrangements set up by both student and teacher.    Students are strongly encouraged to advocate for support on assessments, prior arrangements are made at least 24 hours ahead of test time.