Beth Wehner, case manager for class of 2018

You are welcome to contact me via email [email protected]  or

by phone 432-6941 ext. 2867

During Semester 1 I have classes or a duty during periods:

D, E, F, and H

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test taking strategies

Some of these test taking strategies may come in handy during mid-term exams or any test:

 1.  Stay calm.  If you feel yourself getting nervous, take a deep breath in and out.  Remember that you've studied, you're prepared and that you'll do well.

2.  Take your time-don't rush. 

3.  Use other parts of/questions on the test to your advantage.  There may be hints in other places throughout the test. 

4.  Ask for help!  If you don't understand a question on the test, please ask. 

5.  Please check your IEP for any accommodations for which you may be eligible. 



studying strategies

Please consider the following studying strategies

for mid-term exams or any test:


1.  Save all flash cards from previous tests/quizzes

2.  Start studying now

3.  Ask someone to quiz you or listen while you explain an event, procedure or process

4. Practice math problems from previous homework assignments

5.  Review previous tests/quizzes

6.  If a teacher offers a study guide or is willing to stay after school take advantage of their time.  Tests and quizzes are not to trick you.  Teachers want you to do well.






Important dates to remember: 


February/March 2015

Many teachers use Edmodo to communicate with students.  If your child is unsure of an assignment, this is a great place to check.

Encourage your child to use to study for upoming tests and quizzes.

February 21-March 1 February winter Break

IEP Season begins in March.  Be on th elookout for meeting notices in the mail. 

 Friday March 13 is a teacher workshop day

















College Application Info

Consider submitting your college applications before the Winter break.  Then, when/if you do not get into the college of your choice, you have plenty of time to appeal the decision in the spring. 

Your son or daughter has been given an informative packet from the guidance department that outlines the process and lists many websites that have helpful tools as you navigate the college application process.   Some are:

For the common application:

For financial aid information:



Financial Aid and Scholarship Info

Here is some information about finaicial aid

and scholarships for college:


FAFSA        The FAFSA is based on your household income, assets, etc. will determine your financial aid.  You can complete the FAFSA anytime AFTER 1-1-2014

FAFSA PIN   This is a 4-digit number used to identify you when accessing your information on Federal Student Aid websites.  You will need to apply for a PIN BEFORE you apply for the FAFSA in January.  You can do this anytime, even now.                            


Scholarship websites: