Welcome To the 2016-2017 school year!!



Welcome students and parents to the 2016-2017 school year!

This year in FLEX we have a new addition to our team.  We welcome Jillian Hannon as our new Case Manager/Special Ed Teacher.  We have 3 Case Managers/Special Education teachers working with your children, with each of us covering Study Lab for 3 periods a day. 

While your child is in FLEX, we will be checking their assignment notebooks and X2 account.   We will also expect THEM to check their own x2 accounts, and to start making it a habit!!   We will be doing everything we can to help keep the students on top of their work.  If you are aware of something in particular that you would like your child to work on while in FLEX, please email me at [email protected]


As your child's case manager I have a couple of tips to make my work

with your child this school year more successful:


  • Please email your child's TEACHER(s) directly with questions, comments, and concerns about their class, and 'cc' me as your child's Case Manager. The teacher should be your first 'go-to', as s/he would have all of your immediate answers regarding class expectations, assignments, and grading procedures. Sharon Valdez, Jillian Hannon, and I are all here to help with follow through for our students, but your teachers' email and webpages , as well as your child's X2 portal, should be your primary contact.


  • As your child's grades are important  to you and your child, please remember that we are here to guide and encourage them. As the primary resource with our Guidance Department, we are here to talk with your child about his/ her grades, good or bad. We can then work with your child to discuss the next step regarding the class. Your children are now in High School; such a big step!


FLEX Study Lab Teachers for this semester are:

Mrs. Valdez:   A, B, and G periods

Ms. Hannon:   C, E, and F periods

Ms. Radford:  C, D, and H periods


Ms. Radford's Schedule:

A:  Case Management

B:  Case Management



E:  Lunch

F:  Case Management

G:  Prep




Positive communication is key to a successful education for your child.

I am looking forward to a fantastic 2016 - 2017 school year!!!


If you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to

contact me via email at:

 [email protected]  (the best way to reach me!)

You can also reach me by phone by calling my voicemail at 432-6941 X2146  
    (Shared with Jillian Hannon and Sharon Valdez)