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Flex Program  

Hello Flex students and parents! I am excited to begin a new school year at Londonderry High School.

As your child's case manager, I will work to maintain lines of communication with teachers, service providers, and families to ensure each student gets what they need. Please feel free to contact me as questions and concerns arise.

In Flex study lab, Ms. Radford, Ms. Hannon, and I will be checking students assignment books and X2 accounts. Students will be encouraged to check Edmodo daily, X2 weekly, organize their binders/backpacks, and communicate with their teachers. We strive to help each student gain self-advocacy skills and develop independence to help prepare them for their future and make them college and career ready.

I look forward to an exciting year!

Mrs. Valdez's Schedule

A:   Flex Study Lab Teacher

B: Flex Study Lab Teacher

C: Case Management

D: Case Management

E: Lunch

F: Prep

G: Flex Study Lab Teacher

H: Student Check In


Sharon L. Valdez

Special Education Teacher/Case Manager

Flex Program

[email protected]

603-432-6941 x2152