Program Descriptions

Academic and Career Training (ACT) Program

The ACT program is a program within the high school for students with developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments. The goal of the program is to prepare students for adult living by helping them become as independent as possible. Students participate in core academic classes within the program and interactive classes outside of the ACT program. Core academic classes focus on the integration of basic academic skills and their functional application. Interactive classes allow non-disabled peers to mentor and encourage students in the ACT program in a modified regular-education setting, meeting modified curriculum goals. The ACT program classes are self-contained and instruction is individualized. Students develop academic, pre-vocational, social thinking, and functional daily living skills. Students within the ACT program typically continue their education through their 21st birthday. Transition from high school to adult life, which includes work opportunities and community experiences, are an important part of the program. 

FRIENDS 4 Program

The FRIENDS 4 program at the high school is a continuation of the FRIENDS 3 program housed at the middle school. FRIENDS 4 is a self-contained program for students who are diagnosed with Autism and have intensive needs.Instruction is highly individualized according to each student's needs and goals. The program is overseen by a special educator and supported by related service providers, including a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA), 
a certified occupational therapy assistant, and a speech-language pathologist. Students in FRIENDS may participate in interactive classes with non-disabled students. Most students transition from the program to adult services on their 21st birthday.