Clubs & Activities 

With more than 50 active clubs, organizations, and activities, Londonderry High School is proud to offer all students diverse opportunities to become involved in our LHS community. Please explore our offerings listed below and contact the advisors if you would like more information or have any questions. We encourage all to join and see what being a part of Lancer Nation is all about!

Class of 2024

Advisor: Mrs. Shank & Ms. Gamache 




Class of 2025

Advisor: Mr. Rosa & Mrs. Prough 




Class of 2026

Advisor: Mrs. Doherty & Mrs. Bound




Class of 2027

Advisor: Mrs. Lauzon & Ms. Borroto 




Art and Anime Club

Advisor: Mrs. Hjelm

Meets: Tuesdays in room 401 (except 2nd Tuesday of every month)


All are welcome to join the Art & Anime club! It features an open studio environment, where interested art students can collaborate and create. Additionally, it is an opportunity for the members to support various artistic needs/projects throughout the school, which arise during the year. Our club also watches  a variety of Anime shows, movies, and video clips. We discuss Anime, Manga and other interests. Students are welcome to submit their own drawings or artwork, original characters and ideas. It is an open and welcoming environment to all.  

Athletic Leadership Council

Advisor: Mrs. Downing 

Meets: 2x a week in room 164


The mission of the Athletic Leadership Council is to provide all athletes at Londonderry High with a sound, well rounded, athletic experience. The council of selected athletes will provide opportunities for growth and development both on and off the field as well as encourage and foster leadership skills within the athletic venues. These opportunities will help to promote lifelong learning strategies as well as to ensure that all Londonderry High School athletes are active members of their community.

Best Buddies

Advisor: Mrs. Gaspie & Mrs. Hannon

Meets: 2x a month in 145A or 221 


Londonderry High School’s chapter of the national organization, Best Buddies, that focuses on building friendships and promoting inclusion along the way.

Big Buddies

Advisor: Mrs. Rivera 

Meets: Weekly in the main office 


The LHS Big Buddy Program is a mentoring program where high school students serve as role models to younger students in the district’s elementary schools.  The young students get help with their social, behavioral and academic skills, while the older students get some real-life experience and a chance to make a difference.  This is a full year program.


Advisor: Mrs. Girvin



Biotechnology is the future.  This century will be shaped by the developments and decisions made surrounding biotechnology.  Cloning, stem cell research, and antibiotic resistant organisms are just a few topics which impact our lives. Students now have an opportunity to explore biotechnology topics, perform experiments and debate ethical issues with other students who share their interests. BioConnect is a high school life sciences student organization dedicated to providing students with a forum and network in which to explore the biotechnology field.

Blue & Purple Star Lancers

Advisor: Mrs. Juster

Meets: Weekly in room 219


The Blue Star Lancers are LHS students who are dedicated to supporting our troops and their families. Why blue stars? The name of our group was inspired by the “Blue Star” movement that began during World War I when mothers of sons serving in the military hung a blue star flag in their windows. Blue Star mothers could then find each other and support each other through difficult times. 

While any student is welcome to become a Blue Star Lancer, only students who have a parent/stepparent who is currently serving our country as a member of our armed forces (National Guard, Reserves or active duty) can be a Purple Star Lancer.  Why purple stars? The color purple represents all branches of our armed forces and Londonderry High School is proud to have been the first high school in New England designated as a Purple Star School which lets everyone know that LHS is a military friendly learning community.

Bring Change to Mind

Advisor: Mrs. Harrison & Mrs. Doherty & Mrs. Buell

Meets: Weekly in room 221


If you are interested in learning more about mental health and raising awareness in the Londonderry community, then Bring Change to Mind is the club for you! Bring Change to Mind, also known as BC2M, is a national organization that LHS became a part of in 2021. The mission of BC2M is to help break the stigma surrounding mental illness and start the mental health conversation. Through advocacy and informative meetings, BC2M hopes to dispel the many misconceptions around mental health. It’s okay to not be okay, and BC2M is here to emphasize that idea in our community. Students should never have to feel like they are alone in a school of over 1,000 peers; that is why BC2M is here and ready to encourage students to use their voices and speak up for the importance of mental health. Together, we can make a difference!

Chess Club

Advisor: Mr. Vollmar

Meets: Weekly in room 507


The chess club is open to all grade levels. Members of the club can elect to play socially or be part of the LHS Chess Team. The chess team competes in the NH SCHOLASTIC TOURNAMENTS  from November through June. All meets are on Saturdays.

Community Service Club

Advisor: Mrs. Giguere & Mrs. Wakelin

Meets: 2x a month in room 627


Students  come  together  for  public  service  for  people  or organizations in need, to give back to the community, and to  create an atmosphere of camaraderie  and  teamwork  between our students and staff. Open to students of all grades, this organization is largely student-run and meets every couple of weeks to plan.

Competition Robotics Team

Advisor: D. Pierce, B. McLeod, B. Eccles



FIRST Robotics Competition is an international robotics competition that engages high school students with real-world problem solving. FIRST inspires students, helping spark and nurture a passion for STEM.  The Londonderry High School Robotics team provides students with real-world, hands-on, STEM experience by building and competing against other high school teams with a completely student-made 120-lb autonomous robot! We're always looking for students interested in mechanics, design (CAD), electronics, programming, pneumatics, machining, welding, management, business, marketing, photography, writing, video editing, computer graphics and animation, working with younger STEM learners, and much more. We compete 4-8 times per year as part of the international FIRST Robotics Competition, offering participants $80 million in annual scholarships, and providing team members a head start on a career with internships available from BAE Systems, Amazon Robotics, Google, and many other tech companies.

Culinary Club

Advisor: Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Shurtleff 

Meets: Monthly in the FACs room 301 during the first Tuesday of the month from 2:15pm-3:30pm


Are you interested in learning more about cooking?  Can’t fit a foods class in your schedule?  Do you like to cook/bake with friends?  Join the Culinary Club once a month for an afternoon of fun in the kitchen in room 301.

Dance Team

Advisor: Mrs. Wooding, Mrs. Bound

Meets: Thursdays in cafeteria for practices and 1x a month in room 208 for executive board meetings 


The LHS Dance Team was created to promote school spirit and to highlight all of the great experienced dancers we have at our school. Some of our marquee events are the Day of Giving, pep rallies, Make a Wish benefit, and formal competitions. Dance Team members must try out. Dance Club is offered for those who wish to dance, but for one reason or another, may not be able to fulfill the expectations of Dance Team members.

Day of Giving / Pep Rally

Advisor: Mr. Juster

Meets: Weekly in room 204


Since 2007, thousands of students donated, hundred of wigs created…It takes one student, pledging to cut, that creates a miracle.  Be someone’s angel. Pep Rally Aides assist in all of the full-school assemblies that take place during the year, either Pep Rallies or the Day of Giving Assembly. They organize the events from start to finish. Meetings are held weekly, but some pre-show weeks are more intense than others. There are many moving parts to a smooth production, and their job is to be invisible. As an aide, you make contact with Pantene, the American Cancer Society, politicians, local companies, etc. In many ways, it is a thankless job, but the satisfaction of creating school spirit and pride, through your personal effort, is like no other.

Debate Club




The Debate Club is a group open to all students whose goals include practicing and improving critical thinking skills through meaningful debate, gaining experience speaking in front of an audience, expanding our perspectives to understand multiple sides of the same argument, and becoming more empathetic and perceptive individuals.

Drama Club

Advisor: Mrs. Goldstein, Mr. Barrett, Mrs. Loschiavo

Meets: Weekly in the music department 


The Londonderry High School Drama Club is a place for everyone! Whether you want to help build set pieces, perform on stage, are a comedian who loves Improv; we have something for everyone. Some of our productions include Haunted Woods, Gingerbread Night, Improv (meets Friday’s after school), and our school musical.

Equestrian Club

Advisor: Mrs. BarNoy, Mrs. Brow

Meets: Weekly at LHS or at the farm


Londonderry High School Equestrian Club is part of the New Hampshire High School Equestrian Teams (NHHSET).  We are dedicated to promoting and organizing equestrian competition in high school athletic or activity programs. The club supports, challenges and offers recognition to the dedicated students who both physically and mentally pursue the challenge of the equine sport. NHHSET competitions are a spring school sport. The season begins in December and ends with the State Championship in May. Students compete at district meets in walk-trot, walk-trot-canter, team classes and in-hand classes. Classes are offered in English, western, dressage, jumping, trail and timed-games on horseback.

Fashion Club

Advisor: Mrs. Anderson



Future Business Leaders of America

Advisor: TBD



Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education association with a quarter million students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. The association has four divisions:

FBLA-PBL is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and organized on local, state, and national levels. Business teachers, advisers, and advisory councils (including school officials, businesspeople, and community representatives) guide local chapters. State advisers and committee members coordinate chapter activities for the national organization. The national board of directors is comprised of local teachers, state educators, business leaders, and the division presidents.


FBLA-PBL is the largest business career student organization in the world. The high school division has 215,000 members, while the postsecondary division reaches over 11,000 college students. The newest group, FBLA-Middle Level, is showing remarkable growth with over 20,000 student members. Finally, the Professional Division has reached over 3,000 members. Over 11,000 advisers round out the group. Exclusive membership and career recognition programs are designed for each division to provide additional personal and chapter development opportunities.

Future Educators Club

Advisor: Mr. Smith

Meets: Monthly in room 206


The Future Educators Academy at Londonderry High School is dedicated to giving students an opportunity to explore the teaching profession.  The FEA is a resource for students who wish to learn more about the standards, requirements, and expectations of being an educator in the 21st century, and it provides students the opportunity to explore their options as they move forward into their post-secondary academic careers.

Foreign Language Honor Society 

Advisor: Ms. Ent

Meets: Weekly in room 614


The Foreign Language National Honor Society was created to help encourage and celebrate young scholars that have shown a keen interest in world languages.  

Future Medical Leaders 

Advisor: Mrs. Lauzon

Meets: Room 510 (2x a month)

Description: The Future Medical Leaders' main goal is to help its members get a better understanding of and explore certain jobs in the science/medical field, as well as bring in guest speakers and doing activities.

Requirements to be a member: Attend three meetings (This could be talks with guest speakers or a general meeting) and go to one activity (An activity set up by the board). We will keep track of this through a sign in sheet/google form. 

Granite State Challenge

Advisor: Mr. Willis

Meets: Weekly in room 614


Granite State Challenge is a club that meets to answer trivia questions in a friendly competition. Questions cover a variety of topics, such as History and Science. New members of all trivia knowledge levels are encouraged to stop by. Participating students take part in NHPTV’S Granite State Challenge and other academic competitions. 

Green Council

Advisor: Mr. Vollmar

Meets: Weekly in room 


The Green Council is an environmental group consisting of Londonderry High School students, staff, and community members. We strive to educate others, foster an appreciation for nature, and create change in our community that will move us towards a more sustainable future.


Advisor: Mr. Solomons

Meets: Wednesdays at 2:30 in room 415


Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia

GSA is here to provide a safe and welcoming environment to our queer students and allies by supporting them and our community. We will do this through community service and fundraisers such as bake or craft sales and clean-up projects.  All funds gathered will go to donations, charities, and group events.

Heal the World

Advisor: Mrs. DeArville

Meets: 2x a month in room 112

Website: Google Classroom code: mpl2f6m

Our mission is to raise funds to help build a school for orphans in Ahero, Kenya.  We also raise funds for emergency situations such as disaster relief.

International Club

Advisor: Mrs. Morse

Meets: Monthly in room 514


The international club is for all students in interested in learning about other cultures and countries.  We seek to expand our knowledge of the world, promote goodwill towards people of various cultures, and have fun too! Come join us for activities, films, and fundraisers that go beyond the scope of our school, town, and country.  The club is entirely student driven.

Knitting Club

Advisor: Mrs. Girvin

Meets: Thursdays afterschool in the LMC


The knitting club is a space where beginner to advanced knitters share techniques, ideas, and create knitted  pieces for friends, family, and individuals in need.  No knitting skills are required to join this group!

Lancer Spirit Newspaper

Advisor: Mrs. DeWinkeleer

Meets: Weekly in room 411 


The Lancer Spirit is the official school publication of Londonderry High School, including both a news magazine and online forum created by a staff of student journalists who strive to accurately report news events in and out of the high school setting on topics that are relevant and interesting to the community of Londonderry High School. This “hybrid” publication provides students with opportunities to develop skills in the coverage and writing of news, features and sports, while offering a forum for the exchange of ideas on the opinion/editorial page.

Marine Biology Club

Advisor: Mrs. Whitehead

Meets: Weekly in 519


This is a student-run club that focuses on how our school and community can improve, preserve and support marine life.  We raise awareness, donate to support conservation programs, and participate in beach clean-ups. We are working towards furthering our understanding of our oceans through education, field trips and student- driven research and presentations. All are welcome to join!

Math Contests

Advisor: Mrs. Sharp

Meets: Monthly in room 168


Description needed

Math Team

Advisor: Mrs. Havron 

Meets: 2x a month in room 126


Math Team is a Londonderry High School student organization.  Members are students who want to practice and improve their math skills through challenging problem sets.  Once a month, members compete against 9 area high schools in the Tri-State Math League.  Competing is encouraged, but not required.

Model United Nations

Advisor: Mrs. Wakelin & Mrs. Jarzabek

Meets: Weekly in room 158 or 615


Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral body, which introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making. At Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of countries that are members of the UN, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The students, better known as “delegates”, debate current issues on the organization’s vast agenda. They prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN’s rules of procedure – all in the interest of resolving problems that affect the world. Model UN promotes students' interests in the world around them and broadens a student's knowledge in a variety of subjects. It also teaches vital skills in negotiation, public speaking, problem solving, conflict resolution, research and communication.

Mu Alpha Theta

Advisor: Mrs. Blake

Meets: 2x a month in room 121


Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School Mathematics Honor Society.  It was founded in 1957 as "an organization dedicated to promoting scholarship in mathematics and establishing math as an integral part of a high school education."


The minimum requirements for induction are as follows:


The minimum requirements to receive a cord at graduation are as follows:

National Honor Society

Advisor: Ms. Hoffman

Meets: Monthly, in the cafeteria. Members only.


The goal of the National Honor Society is to "create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools" (NHS National Constitution, May 2008). The Londonderry High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is dedicated to honoring students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.  

To learn more about how to become a member, visit this page in our site:

Pay it Forward

Advisor: Mrs. Sullivan

Meets: Outside House 4 and events throughout the year


The Pay it Forward club is open to 30 students per year. The object of the club is to do acts of kindness around the state and volunteer at different events. Students who are part of this club must have good character, great discipline and a willingness to give back to the community. Events: Soup Kitchen, Veterans Breakfast, Charity Walks, Community Assistance.

Gaming Club

Advisor: Mr. Mastromarino

Meets: Thursdays from 2:15pm-3:30pm in room 174

Website: Google Classroom code - xfc2by5 

The majority of people see gaming as a hobby that is entertaining, sociable and a way to wind down, so why not do it here with your friends here!  We play competitively and casually, whether it’s old school Mario games or newer games like Rocket League, you choose what to play.  Bring whatever systems you want. You can beat each other up in Super Smash Bros, show who’s still King/Queen at FIFA, or start training for a rocket league tournament.  All skill levels are welcome!

Rocketry Club

Advisor: Mr. Cariello

Meets: Room 513


Role Playing -  Dungeons & Dragons

Advisor: Mr. Nalezinski



In Dungeons And Dragons Club, members play a variety of paper and dice role playing games.  Characters are developed and sent into adventures created by creative game masters and players alike. No materials are necessary as members have the resources needed.

Science National Honor Society

Advisor: Mrs. Fraser & Mr. Cariello

Meets: Monthly in room 513


The Science National Honor Society was created to help encourage and celebrate young scholars that have shown a keen interest in science.  The hope is to help foster the development of individuals that wish to advance industry, research, and scientific exploration.

Ski & Snowboarding Club

Advisor: Mr. Vollmar & Mrs. Rich

Meets: Thursdays during January and into February 


Winter is coming! This means our club members get to experience the best part of the year: skiing and snowboarding! Ski and Snowboard Club gets the privilege of being dismissed right from school and heads straight to the slopes. During this club, students are provided transportation with all the other members to and from Pats Peak on our coach bus. Once arrived, students are free to explore the mountain in its entirety! Whether you are a new rider taking lessons, a speed demon racing down the black diamonds, a terrain park kid taking laps, or a big cookie enjoyer in the lodge, anyone and everyone are welcome!Come join us on the slopes!

Student Activies Club

Advisor: Mr. Willis 

Meets: 1 board meeting & 1 club meeting per month in room 221 with at least 1 event per month


An  intramural  and  social  club  available  for  all  interested students at LHS that is dedicated to the purpose of fostering leadership scholarship, and school spirit to promote personal wellness within the LHS community. 


Manhunt, Corn maze, Capture the Flag , Holiday  trip  to  Boston, March Madness  Winter Carnival, Kickball, End of the Year BBQ.

Student Council

Advisor: Mrs. Bouchard & Mrs. Dailey

Meets: Bi-weekly in room 221


Student Council is the student government body at Londonderry High School. Elected students from each grade provide an outlet for students’ voices to be heard as well as providing opportunities to raise school and community spirit through social functions and community involvement. The objective is to set a good example of citizenship in the LHS community by providing a democratic forum for students to address the administration on school-related issues, provide general communication channels, and represent the student body in decision-making.

Student Reps

Advisor: Mrs. Bouchard



Student representatives meet on a regular basis to plan events and fundraisers for their graduating class.  Those that participate in student representatives will have a hand in school dances, class shirts, class and school functions such as senior supper, hallway decorating, and graduation, as well as fundraising. Being a part of class representatives means that your voice can be heard and contribute to your high school experience.

Tailgating Club

Advisor: Mrs. Sullivan

Meets: Weekly outside House 4 and at athletic events


A senior club that meets every Friday night during the Fall sport season. This club is for seniors only. There is a fee that is applied to all students in this club.

Unified Cheer Club

Advisor: Mrs. Tebbetts

Meets: TBD


The vision for Unified Cheer Club was created by Kenzie Daneau. This clubs allows students with and without intellectual disabilities to participate in competition style cheerleading, and provides all students with a supportive and inclusive cheerleading environment.

Video & Podcasting Club

Advisor: Mrs. Ent

Meets: Weekly in room 518


The Video & Podcasting Club is open to all students who would like to learn how to make a video and/or podcast. Students can choose projects based on their interests such as music shows, sports talk, movie/video game/music reviews, interviews, or conversations about current issues. Students may also choose to participate in radio dramas, such as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Club members can also focus on audio recording and editing. Students interested in sports announcing may give it a try on live football or basketball games. Podcasts can be heard on the school district’s radio station at 102.9 FM and on Lancer Spirit Online.

Women Take Action

Advisor: Mrs. Viel

Meets: 1z a month in room 133


The club Women Take Action (WTA) strives to help girls and bring awareness to the importance of empowerment at LHS. In this club, we will help local shelters by donating our time, money, or essentials for women to them. We plan to bring awareness to girls on common situations so they know how to handle them if the opportunity arises. WTA believes in giving our time to women, showing that we care, and that there are people on their sides. We hope that this club will empower girls to use their voice and speak up against inequality in their daily lives. 

Yearbook Club

Advisor: Mrs. Diamond

Meets: Weekly in room 407


Participating in Yearbook is a fun way to get involved at LHS! It involves a lot of work and dedication, but it’s exciting and pays off with a great book and the appreciation of your fellow classmates in the end.  Staff members develop close connections and lifelong friendships over the year. Yearbook is always seeking creative, enthusiastic people for its staff. Members are given the rare opportunity to document their High School experience with words and pictures. Our goal is to capture the diversity of student life at Londonderry High School and to have fun while doing it. Come join us!