Londonderry High School Music Department

Serge Beaulieu (K-12 Director of Music, HS Band, Jazz, and Orchestra) 

Danielle Loschiavo (Choir, Piano, and Music Theory)

Emily Dawson (Assistant Band, Jazz, and Orchestra) 

The Londonderry School District music program provides meaningful, creative, and well-rounded instruction that further prepares our students for 21st-century colleges and careers. The skillset that is taught through music education helps students gain a better sense of creativity, discipline, perseverance, responsibility, and many other valuable skills needed for today’s world. The information in this executive summary shows how many children’s lives are affected by the supportive community of educators in this school district and how we can further our plan for success.   

The high school music program continues to thrive with almost 30% of the school’s population involved with the various performing ensembles and music enrichment classes. The pride of the Londonderry community continues to be the world-famous Lancer Marching Band. Although the High School student enrollment has decreased over the last decade, the band continues to maintain its normal enrollment of about 14% of the school population, which puts us well above the national average of 5%. Department-wide we offer several elective classes which include three periods of band, two periods of chorus, two periods of jazz band, one period of string orchestra, four sections of piano fundamentals, two sections of basic guitar, and two sections of interactive music.  

Music Department Calendar